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Our Story

Our Story

It's a simple story of when Toara Seule met Jacque and together formed a friendship that would prove unbreakable. Toara & his younger brother Thomas were loved by all and whilst humble in their ways, were visionaries and creators of their own life. The pair shared a dream to provide local opportunities, improve education and health and bring the community together to achieve something special and unique to call their own and be proud of, thanks to Jacque, this happened.

'La Mer' opened in Sept 2013 and was a memorable event. Dec 2014 Toara passed away followed by Thomas 6 months later leaving a huge hole in the community and only a few months later Cyclone Pam ripped through Vanuatu and La Mer became victim to its destruction and devastation. Operating in temporary conditions for 18months and slowly rebuilding our resort piece by piece, we officially opened again in June 2016 with a new name and new look which is how Le Life was born. Our dreams including those of Toara & Thomas's were never forgotten and is now carried on with their children and extended family. Today Le Life Resort is still committed to working closely with the community and improving local life through joint projects, infrastructure, health, education & employment.

Our staff come from the surrounding villages and have migrated from different islands in Vanuatu but most locals in the area's ancestors have come from Shepards Island and share a deep and vibrant heritage that remains strong today. We promote and encourage a fun and relaxed environment for our staff and treat them like family. Our staff are beautiful both inside and out and leave an impression on your heart.