Welcome to Le Life Resort

Welcome to Le Life Resort

Le Life Resort is a destination where you can truly unplug from the day to day hustle and immerse yourself in an environment that offers sustainable Eco adventure and leisure, with raw, untouched real experiences, feeling of escape and freedom while being an hours drive from the town center.

What makes us unique...

We are unlike any other place you will find in Vanuatu and welcome travelers looking for a thoughtful travel experience, a taste of island life without compromising the good stuff! For those looking for more than a tropical holiday, we also offer authentic weddings, yoga & health retreats, inspired team building and exciting conference facilities, making us the only place in Vanuatu you will find all of this under one roof, while also having the most diverse range of accommodation to suit every budget type or group size.

Our family owned & run Eco-friendly boutique property spreads itself over acres of land, with aqua blue ocean hugging the resort front and vast green rain forest in the backdrop, giving each bungalow breath taking views and atmosphere.

Adventure Inspiration at your doorstep...

For those looking for adventure inspiration, there is so many things available in the area that we love so much like bike riding or walking through the many friendly villages, hiking to hidden waterfalls and cascades, discovering new sea life in the ocean with colorful reef, kayaking the largest river on the island with rope swings and mangroves, submerge yourself in our local hot pools to unwind or take one of our many guided experiences like our popular foodies tour learning how to gather and cook your own island food with hand picked produce using traditional cooking methods!

What life is all about to us...

Le Life meaning "The Life" is a way of life, living a life that matters, whatever that is to you but to us and all of our staff, it is about wholesome connections with guests, discovering new cultures, making new friends, living in the moment, having a laugh every day, letting go of digital temptations and grabbing life with both hands, surrounding yourself with positive happy people, taking time out to ground yourself and be thankful and grateful for everything you have and most importantly to inspire and empower the local community through everything we do.

Be apart of something big...

Family is important to us and during your stay, you will meet the team and extended family who are passionate about making your stay a memorable one. Nothing is too hard and too little, so keep an open mind and open heart and with the help and generosity from our guests we hope to continue grow and learn and make a real difference & impact change in North Efate.