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Le Life Restaurant & Beach Bar

Le Life Restaurant & Beach Bar

Le Life Restaurant and Beach Bar has the most unique outdoor dining areas that Vanuatu has to offer, and the menu to match.

With fresh seafood, grilled steak and island salads, Le Life is the perfect choice when considering your dining options whilst travelling around Efate. We also have a huge selection of cocktails, cold beer and hot coffee available in our bar.

With the spectacular view, friendly service and endless dining options, why wouldn’t you end your day (or spend all day) at Le Life Restaurant and Beach Bar.

Our Menu


Honey Glazed Onion Rings 650 vt
Sweet vidalia onions, deep fried in beer batter, glazed with thyme honey

Salt & Battery (Fish & Chips) 1500 vt
Fresh locally caught fish cooked in a tasty tempura batter and served on a bed of chips with lime and dipping sauce.

Matarisu Beef Burger 1250 vt
Fresh bread roll, local salad & delicious minced beef with cheese

Matarisu Fish Burger 1450 vt
Fresh bread roll, local salad & delicious grilled fish with cheese

Steak Sandwich 1600 vt
Grilled steak on a bed of local salad, secret sauce and melted cheese

Kumala Wedges 650 vt
Basket of island potato in tempura batter served with sour cream & sweet chilli

Croque Monsieur 550 vt
Ham, cheese & tomato toasted in fresh bread

Main Meals:

Grilled Scotch Fillet 2100vt
Tender grilled scotch fillet served with kumala fries & salad and choice of sauce.

Grilled Tuna Steak with Pesto Mayonnaise 2100vt 
Juicy fresh tuna steak lightly grilled, dressed with our special pesto mayonnaise and served with kumala fries & salad.

Mauritian Beef, Chicken or Fish Curry 1950vt
Top quality local beef, fish or chicken freshly cooked in a Mauritian style curry sauce served with rice, salad & traditional pharata bread.

Thai Beef, Chicken, Fish or Vegetarian 1950vt
Top quality local beef, fish, chicken, prawn or vegetarian option cooked freshly cooked in a Thai inspired sauce served with rice and salad.

Thai Coconut Fish 1950vt
Locally caught fish sauteed and cooked in a delicious fresh & creamy Thai inspired sauce served with rice & salad.

Prawns in coconut, garlic and fresh vanilla bean sauce 2100vt
Delicious large prawns cooked in an authentic creamy coconut, vanilla bean & garlic sauce served on a bed of rice with fresh mint salad.

Lobster Mornay 3600vt
Fresh lobster cut in half with hot mornay sauce & grated cheese spread over the top, served on a bed of rice & salad.

Garlic Prawns 2100vt
Delicious large prawns bathed in a mouth watering garlic sauce and served on a bed of rice with fresh mint salad.

Calamari in Tempura Batter 1800vt
Generous portion of calamari cooked in a tasty tempura batter and served on a plate with kumala chips, fresh salad, lime & special dipping sauce.

Seafood Specials:

The Friendly Fisherman Basket 3200vt 
Feast your eyes on our fresh fisherman’s basket that is a real favorite amongst the locals. Make sure your hungry because this bad boy comes with battered fish, crumbed prawns and tempura calamari all served on a bed of chips with garlic aioli dipping sauce and fresh lime.

The Pacific Surf ‘n’ Turf 3400 vt
Savor the tastes of the pacific with locally caught lobster sautéed in a garlic butter and lime sauce, tenderized grilled scotch fillet dressed with your choice of sauce, fresh salad & bowl of chips.

Famous Seafood Platter for Two 5950 vt
Indulge in a seafood frenzy that will leave your mouth watering and wanting more! Enjoy the many tastes of the ocean with a full king lobster, prawns, calamari and fish all delicately placed on an oversized platter for two and complimented with fresh salad, chips, lime & special dipping sauce.


Tahitian Fish Salad 1800vt
Thin slices of raw fish cooked in lemon juice, drenched in coconut milk and mixed with fresh salad vegetables including cucumber and tomato.

Watercress & Grapefruit Salad 1100vt
A delicious combination of fresh watercress, finely sliced grapefruit, spring onion, carrot, green pawpaw drenched in a sweet tangy island dressing

Thai Beef Salad 1800vt
Perfect for a hot day! A real yummy fresh dish with a combination of lettuce, spring onion, baby tomatoes, green capsicum, carrot, fresh basil, fresh mint with an authentic Thai beef dressing.

Manasilly Salad 900vt
Green paw paw, green capsicum, carrot, spring onion, garlic and fresh mint mixed together with a balsamic salad dressing for a light fresh summer dish.

Local Island Beef Salad 1800vt
Thin slices of marinated beef draped over a bed of warm kumala potatoes dressed with spring onion and mayonnaise

Lobster Salad 2800vt
The perfect summer seaside dish. A freshly caught lobster laid on a bed of salad and drizzled with a fresh light salad dressing.

*Salads are subject to seasons and availability


Caramelized Banana 700vt
Delicious sweet treat with pieces of caramelized banana dressed with cream.

Honey Cream Pikelets 800vt
Piklet with honey, butter, cream & fruit

Crepe Suzette 1000vt
French delicacy of crepe bathed in orange juice flamed with a dash of rum.

Banana Passion fruit Crepe 800vt
Crepe with banana, fresh lime & passion fruit

Cake of the Day 500vt
Enjoy a slice of one of our homemade cakes served with whipped cream and chocolate sauce

Banana Passion fruit Crepe 800vt
Crepe with banana, fresh lime & passion fruit

Crepe Nutella 650vt
Perfect for pikinnis! Yummy nutella and whipped cream

Tropical Surprise Crepe 700vt
A combination of tropical fruit crush, sugar and lime

Bowl of Ice Cream 500vt
Tasty ice cream available in different flavors. 3 scoops per serve

NOTE: We also cater for most special dietary requirements and can alternate the menu items to suit each customers needs. Always happy to go that extra step for our customers!