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The Great Race Around Efate

The Great Race Around Efate


 The Great Race Around Efate 2018

An exciting non-traditional car rally that will take you on a thrilling adventure around Efate with fun & challenges waiting at every stop along the way!

Saturday 23rd June 2018

Registration and Check-in tables open at 9am
Rolling start between 9am – 10am
All entrants must be back (answer sheets & race cards returned to check-in station) no later than 2pm.
Trophies and prizes are presented by President of North Efate Tourism Association promptly at 2:30pm. Winners must be present to claim their prize.

This is a public event and fun for all ages. Invite your friends, family and co-workers.
Current licence is required for all rally drivers.

Port Vila - Venue TBC

Event will take you around Efate with secret stops along the way.

North Efate is the underdog of Efate. With so many fantastic natural attractions and local products in the area, North Efate is a truly a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered. The area is home to marine conversations, beamins with wildlife, traditional custom villages and adventure at every turn.

Visitors to Efate are met with an array of Vanuatu experiences offered to them by their booking providers but so often leave with a very diverse opinion of the Island and this has a huge impact on their readiness to return back to the country so quickly. Through promoting authentic outer island products and attractions, we hope to grow both local and tourist minds by offering them unforgettable experiences and memories about Vanuatu they will cherish forever and tell all of their friends about!

 North Efate is ready for tourism! Lets spread the word and highlight Efate’s true real island gems! This will not only give tourists a ‘real Vanuatu experience’, it will also give all players a taste of Vanuatu traditions & customs, positively impacting on the local communities, building small local businesses and embedding the values and heritage of the Vanuatu spirit.


2000vt per car if you pre-register.

3000vt if you register your team on the day

10% of proceeds going back to local community

What to bring:

Charged Phone with DIGICEL ONLY SIM & credit to participate
We do have food, drinks and snacks for sale but you are welcome to bring your own.

For those participating in the rally we suggest you bring along smart navigators to help in answering the clues correctly.

For those entering the best dressed car or team categories you might need a few more items though we make no suggestions and eagerly await the outcome!!!


There is no limit to how many people can participate and teams can be made up of how ever many people you want. Pre-Registration is advised and to sign up your team, you just need to let us know:

  • Team name
  • How many members in your team
  • Digicel phone number to be used in the rally
  • 2000vt fee to be paid before the event (or pay 3000vt on the day)
  • Each entrant must sign the liability waiver to compete.
  • Collect registration pack


Sign in tables will open from 9am until 10am. Teams can come and collect their team kit including team numbers, car stickers, map and of course your first clue!

Following the instructions provided to you in your team kit, you will be able to find your first stop where one of our team members will be waiting for you with your first challenge. Upon completing the challenge, your team will be given its next clue, as well a race pass. You must hold on tightly to theses passes as they are your ticket to GOLD! The more stops you make, challenges you complete, the more passes you collect!

Teams must be back at 3pm at the latest to qualify! Hand in all of you race passes to the judges, then sit back and relax as the tally gets announced and winning teams rewarded!


There are a few different ways your team can win! For instance, your team compete in every challenge and take the most race passes. This is the Ultimate ‘The Great Race Around Efate’ winner and will take out the major prize. Loads of great prizes up for grabs including cash, phones, credit and vouchers with the major prize yet to be announced!


  • 1ST Place
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place
  • The Long Way Award
  • Wild & Wackiest Car Award (Best dressed car)
  • I'm Too Sexy For My Car (Best dressed team)
  • Picture Perfect (Best photo)
  • Wacky-Doo
  • Lost, Found & Broken Down (True Race spirit, the team that managed to find their way back on track)
  • Vanuatu Spirit Award (Team that showed the best team spirit on the day)


It's good old fashioned fun, and the best way to discover an area!

Your team then needs to drive from one clue to another (hidden stops located around the island of Efate) looking for the answer to each question. The more people you have the easier it is to work out the answers. Whether you get them all or not, it is a lot of fun and the novelty prize categories ensure everyone is in the running to win something regardless of how accurate the answers actually are.

Challenges: At each stop there is also an optional challenge, the more challenges you complete, the most race passes you will collect, giving you a great chance of winning the major prize. Each challenge is designed to cater for all levels of fitness, age & abilities and they may be a little quirky but it’s all made to have fun!

All children get their own question sheets so they can join in too and go into the draw to win one of 10 junior awards.

Each clue gets an allocated amount of points for a right answer. The couple, group, corporate team and family competitor with the most race passes & points wins a prize (1st, 2nd, 3rd). There are bonus points allocated for extra items found on the course, style points for best dressed team and best presented car, just to name a few. There are a range of prizes and trophies up for grabs and full bragging rights for those who do well.